Driving Advice

Driving Advice

We are pleased to host an archive of driving advice, on a variety of topics. Some have been written by IAM RoadSmart, some by members of Wirral group and some courtesy of other IAM RoadSmart groups.

Disclaimer: The decisions a driver makes depends on a complex and usually unique combination of circumstances.

The driving advice offered on our web site is offered in good faith yet driving is never a black and white activity, but full of grey areas. Wirral Advanced Motorists can therefore accept no liability for any consequences resulting from your interpretation of our advice. You are the driver. You should be in control of your vehicle at all times.

Advice from Other IAM Groups

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Advanced Driving Books

You probably have a copy of the IAM Associate handbook. The reference from which this was distilled is Roadcraft - The Police Driver's Handbook. Available from the usual book sellers, we have found the lowest price here.