Wirral Advanced Motorists

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Advanced Driver Course £149

Wirral group is affiliated to the Institute of Advanced Motorists whose aims are to improve Road Safety. We provide guidance for anyone with a full driving licence to enable them to take their Advanced Driving Test and enjoy the benefits of being a Member of The Institute of Advanced Motorists.


You may have passed the standard UK Department of Transport L-test a long time ago and are now considering polishing your driving skills, or you want to update those skills to match modern driving conditions.


You may be a new driver looking to improve your driving or increase your confidence, or you may want to start really enjoying the pleasure of driving. Whatever your reasons we will be happy to guide you towards your Advanced Test. We are sometimes able to offer a substantial discount on the advanced driver course fee for younger drivers. Use the Contact Us page to request further details of current discounts.

How can the Group help me?

We provide one-to-one advice on improving your driving and preparation for the IAM Test. This guidance is given by Observers (someone who has also passed the Advanced Test) who have also completed a training course on that knowledge. Wirral Advanced Motorists can help you prepare for the car IAM test. Associates and Observers mutually agree on the time/day they meet.

If you are looking for information on motorcycle guidance, there is a separate group.

Their website is here.

Wirral group of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, also known as IAM Roadsmart promotes road safety. We currently offer a young driver discount to those who live on Merseyside aged 17 to 35. Keywords: Commentary  Progress Restraint Observer Training Course Highway code.